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Your fair fashion store in Ulm's fishers district.

What does fair fashion mean to us?

At Krawall und Liebe we only sell clothing that meets the following conditions:

First, it should be organically produced. This means that the materials used (like organic cotton or Tencel) are sustainable and processed in an environmentally friendly way. We ensure this by relying on independent certifications such as GOTS. This guarantees strict standards - for example, a ban on genetic engineering or pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Were there any harmful chemicals or processes used in the manufacture of this item, such as B. Dyeing fabrics with synthetic dyes?

The second aspect that is important to us relates to the people who make the clothes we offer. Everyone, from the cotton farmer to the textile worker to the shop assistant, deserves a fair wage for their work. By regularly auditing all manufacturing facilities, we can ensure workers are paid a living wage and have access to health and safety and other labor rights.

A-DAM Underwear

What are the advantages of sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing offers many benefits for the wearer, the environment and the people who make them. Here are some of the key benefits of sustainable clothing:

1. Eco-friendly: Sustainable clothing is often made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen or hemp. It is often produced under fair working conditions and causes fewer CO2 emissions than conventional clothing.

2. Sustainability: Sustainable clothing is usually of higher quality and more durable than traditional clothing. It needs to be replaced less often, which means fewer resources are used and less waste is produced.

3. Social Responsibility: Sustainable clothing is often produced under fair working conditions, which means that the people who make them are paid appropriately and have good working conditions. It thus also contributes to improving the living conditions of workers in developing countries.

4. Health: Sustainable clothing is often made from natural materials that contain fewer chemicals than synthetic materials. This can be especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin, as synthetic materials can often cause allergies.

5. Fashion awareness: Sustainable clothing is often of high quality and fashionable. There are many sustainable brands like Recolution, LOVJOI and Thinking Mu that offer trendy and attractive clothes!

♻️ MUD Jeans Recycling-Aktion: €10 Rabatt für deine alte Jeans!

Wusstest du schon, dass wir bei Krawall&Liebe mit der nachhaltigen Marke MUD Jeans zusammenarbeiten? Wir haben eine tolle Recycling-Aktion für dich: Gib eine alte Jeans ab, die zu mindestens 96% aus Baumwolle besteht, und erhalte €10 Rabatt auf den Kauf einer neuen MUD Jeans!

MUD Jeans setzt auf Kreislaufwirtschaft und recycelt alte Jeans, um daraus neue Kleidungsstücke herzustellen. So reduzieren wir gemeinsam unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck und fördern eine nachhaltige Modebranche.

Bitte beachte: Um einen fairen und nachhaltigen Umtausch zu gewährleisten, beschränken wir diese Aktion auf eine Jeans pro Person und Kauf.

Nutze diese Gelegenheit, um deinem Kleiderschrank ein nachhaltiges Update zu verpassen und gleichzeitig einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Kreislaufwirtschaft zu leisten. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch und deinen Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Moderevolution!

We offer high quality, sustainable clothing for everyday use!

Street wear, casual and business:

At Krawall und Liebe we offer a wide range of eco-friendly clothing for women and men in many colors and sizes. You can find everything from classic white shirts to casual patterned shirts, pants from great brands like recolution and Thinking Mu and even some shoes!

Innovative companies like Bleed are always looking for new ways to be sustainable. For example, they use vegan materials like cork instead of leather!

Your number 1 contact point in Ulm for fair clothing

Buying fair fashion is not only better for the workers and the environment, but also for you! Fair trade clothing tends to be made from higher quality materials that are more comfortable and look better.

Also, supporting fair trade can help people in developing countries escape poverty rather than being exploited. That's why we offer brands that share our values; Brands that think "green" and do good!

Order vouchers online now or visit us in our shop in the Fischerviertel

If you are interested in improving the world we live in and think our mission is worthwhile, then order our voucher or drop by our shop in Ulm's fishing district!

We look forward to getting to know you and making a difference together with you!

Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Nice shop, very friendly owner and great clothes. I'm very excited.
— Isabella Spark
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Super helpful & great stuff.
— Mario signs
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Great quality and great service!
— Phillip Klemm
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Wonderful shop in Ulm - it's a pleasure to browse there and find something nice for yourself! An enrichment for Ulm.
— Jessi Dove
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Friendly woman trying sustainable organic products to get us on the right track
— Bruno Janzik
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
A super nice store!
— Suzanne Fuchs
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Already furnished shop to linger in the fishing district, top product selection and a manager with heart and passion :)
— Stefan Lefler
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Very nice shop with a great range and a very nice owner! I'm here regularly and I like it and I'm happy that this gem is in Ulm!
— Renee
Customer testimonials on GOOGLE
Adorable all around. Good selection for him and her, shoes, belts, watches... Still a cute, manageable store.
Super helpful and patent owner :)
— Tom D

Your shop for sustainable fashion and fair fashion in Ulm

Are you interested in shopping for eco-friendly and vegan clothing like pants, jackets, shoes and bags? In our online shop you will find the best selection of sustainable fashion!

We have been convincing people in Ulm of fair fashion and sustainable clothing since 2016

And now we want to show the world that choosing sustainable clothing doesn't come at the expense of fashion and style! We have a variety of fashionable and stylish options from top fair trade labels such as Recolution, LOVJOI and Thinking Mu. With shirts, coats, jeans, shoes and bags, there's sure to be something for everyone!

We want to give you the opportunity to present high-quality, personal products in a wonderful atmosphere. This doesn't just apply to women - we also have an exclusive selection of items for men! In our sale area at Krawall und Liebe you can also buy jeans, accessories and bags at reduced prices.

Loving and personal selection from top brands for fair trade clothing

The garments in our online shop come from sustainable and fair fashion brands. We have chosen these manufacturers because they place a high value on producing vegan and eco-friendly garments. We have decided to take a more conscious approach to combating fast fashion. New sustainable fashion brands are constantly emerging; we select only the best pieces from each that reflect our core themes of veganism and sustainability!

Visit our sustainable fashion store or sign up for our newsletter to be informed about new products! We look forward to seeing you in Ulm, or we will send your favorite pieces and accessories straight to your home!

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