Riot and Love - Fair Fashion - Annemarie and Seraphine



We - that's Annemarie, Aysegül and Seraphine and we love clothes and people! We love this store, we love our work, we love our customers, we love our brands, we love this neighborhood, we love action.



We are two seamstresses, one media designer, one textile dyer and we know exactly how much work goes into making all these t-shirts, jeans and hoodies.



We only have brands in the store that produce under fair working conditions and with respect for animals and the environment.



We only sell what we are 100% convinced of.



We only sell you a part if we have the impression that you feel comfortable in it. You're willing to wear it until it falls apart, until you fix it for the first time—even longer: until you decide what to do with it when it really isn't wearable anymore.



We like to make a bit of a ruckus. you have something to say Let's get together and talk about it!



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