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Riot and love - fair fashion in Ulm - sustainable reading

"Fashion Changers" by Jana Braumüller, Vreni Jäckle, Nina Lorenzen

Nina Lorenzen, Vreni Jäckle and Jana Braumüller founded "Fashion Changers" together in 2017, a community platform for fair fashion that not only considers the many aspects of the fashion industry, but also questions the practices of this fashion industry with fun - but also ours Habits.

The three founders have long been involved in various events in the scene and bring media professionals together to promote and anchor the topic of "sustainable development and social responsibility" in the collective consciousness.

This is by no means about bans and taboos, because the "fashion changers" know how to combine strict control of the textile industry with fashion fun. The one no longer excludes the other, as the three women prove every day on their social media channels and thus also shape public perception.

Her book "Fashion Changers - How we can change the world with fair fashion" is a work that can be understood as a guide, source of inspiration and reference material. In addition to a lot of background information and facts about fair fashion, you will find convincing concepts and labels, useful addresses and a list of different materials and textile seals in this sustainable fashion guide. In addition, 20 people from different areas of the fashion industry explained how the fashion industry can be made more sustainable and clothing can be produced under fair conditions.

The "Fashion Changers" understand the details behind the scenes and with these details they turn the screws and thus change the big picture. It is also these details that inspire and motivate the “fashion changers” – creating the big with the small.

In addition to all this practical information, fashion itself and style do not fall by the wayside. Various labels, brands and designers are presented, their beliefs and concepts are described.

We recommend this book for this focused yet multifaceted view of the facts. You'll find it on our bookshelf - come and read a little.

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